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Dr. Stock is an exceptional doctor, an exceptional man - and a healer in the truest sense. For all his skill and reputation, Dr. Stock is a humble man who connects with his patients in a most personal and empathetic way. I've heard him say many times, "It's all about the patient." And it was certainly true of my experience.

Richard Stock doesn't just treat a cancer; he joins you on the journey. He knows what's going on in your body, and he takes the time to know what's going on in your heart. In my case: The man stuck with me through the full course of my nine-month, tri-modal treatment - and beyond. Not every man needs that. But I did.

Dr. Stock is an extraordinarily patient man. He takes the time to answer all questions, address all concerns - not simply as a professional courtesy, but because he sincerely wants you to understand. Consequently, he favors face-to-face, personal connection. For me, he was always there.

After receiving my diagnosis - Gleason 8, high-risk of metastasis prostate cancer - in late 2010, I spent weeks searching for the perfect doctor. I examined all treatment options, traveled the country, had face-to-face consults with some amazing cancer doctors. That said: Dr. Stock stood out. And you know what? The longer I knew him, the deeper my admiration, the deeper my respect.

I will never forget his professionalism and enthusiasm on the day of brachytherapy. Nor will I forget the depth of his care and concern in the years since. Dr. Stock is an understated, down-to-earth man. For all his success, all his achievement - 4,000 patients, over 20 years -- he is not the type to boast about his accomplishments. But I think that's integral to what makes him such a great doctor. His humanity. His humility. . . .

Brad Buchholz, Austin, Texas



October 13, 2006 it was discovered through a biopsy that I had prostrate cancer.  Like many men I quickly became an expert by talking to men who had prostrate cancer and by reading the appropriate books on prostrate cancer.  I traveled to NYC to meet with two doctors regarding my cancer.  The first doctor specialized in performing radical surgery for the complete removal of the prostrate and the second was Dr. Richard Stock who implanted radioactive seeds on the prostrate.  The first method and the second method had the same recovery percentages.  I chose the seeds due to the quick recovery and immediate resumption of lifestyle and the reassuring personality and warmth of Dr. Stock.

My contact with Dr. Stock from day one in November of 2006 has been easy, thorough, comfortable, safe, and reassuring.  Dr. Stock told me I would be okay, and I am.  My post-procedure PSA was 3.0 and my current PSA as is .014.   Dr. Stock always answered all my questions before my procedure, and continues to do so during my 6-month check-ups after my procedure.  He is also available by phone and e-mail if I have concerns.  My biggest question came on December 11, 2006 as soon as Dr. Stock finished implanting the seeds.  I was still in the operating room and I was just waking up.  I asked Dr. Stock “when can I workout”?  He gently responded, “why don’t you wait a couple of days”. I was able to drive myself the 90 miles home that day from Mt.Sinai after the procedure, and started working out again several four days later.  The softer easier way was having the radioactive seeds implanted.

James Harmon
Renaissance Unlimited, Inc.

Dear Dr. Stock,

After I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was referred to you for advice and treatment.  You explained to me that 45 sessions of radiation over a nine-week period would be the most appropriate treatment for me considering my medical history; and I felt very comfortable taking your advice after your clear explanation of the different options. I also appreciated your involvement and your supervision of my treatment. You handled my case in a most professional and caring way and I thank you.

I was very pleased with the staff of the radiation facility which administered the treatments. I highly recommend you as a doctor to others in need of radiation therapy.

Very truly yours,

Peter T. Rado
New York, NY

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